Montell2099 is a visionary young production powerhouse and one of the most thrilling new electronic music talents to emerge from New Zealand in recent years. Mixing bubbling VST melodies, manipulated vocal snippets and booming bass hits, his idiosyncratic productions ripple and thud with genre-bending force and dizzying, club-ready dynamics. With a sharp ear for the cutting edge, Montell2099’s mantra is simple – always keep your listener on their toes. With his innovative, shape cutting techniques, the best part about Montell2099’s enigmatic craft is that you’ll never guess his next move.

In an era where musicians often lean on gimmicks to market their work, Montell’s focus lies in quality. With tens of millions of plays online before the release of his debut project, Montell2099 is connecting on the strength of his music alone. His vision of future electronic is opening up a portal to the next century of EDM - step inside 2099 if you dare.

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